Take a look at the NETISM book cover, the kids of the digital era are characterized as robots in the reflection of humans. They are extraordinarily smart! Consequently, it takes a tech-savvy style of parenting to properly nurture them to survive in a dynamic digital landscape. As a nurturer, if by today you fail to prepare something for the future, whenever the time comes, it might prepare anything for you.

This tech-social development literature highlights the detailed roles of parents, teachers and other Nation Builders in mitigating the negative effects of digital exposures on kids' moral values. Alongside, it recommends how modern technology (especially, the internet and the popular media) could be maximized for their career advancement and personal development.

In sum, the major objective of this non-country-specific book is to disseminate the necessary digital literacy tips to the general public; the sorts that are required to foster a Responsible Digital Citizenship across the globe.

By Jawolusi Oluwaseun Solomon (#Green4Blue TrailBlazer)

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On the 23 day of November, 2019, the NETISM Book was publicly presented at the Abuja Enterprise Agency, FCT, Abuja, Nigeria...

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