Yes! We can curb COVID-19 Pandemic with TEAMWORK

Yes! We can curb COVID-19 with TEAMWORK

T – Take Good care of your body, e.g. Wash your hands frequently
E – Educate your acquaintances about healthy safety tips against pandemic diseases
A – Avoid having contacts with friends and/or strangers, e.g. shaking hands
M – Maintain Social Distance (At least a space of 3 ft.)
W – Wear face masks and/or hand gloves in public places
O - Obey Government orders, e.g. Stay at home. It’s for a while… #StayHome
R – Respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette must be duly maintained at all times
K – Know the truth, e.g. Don’t spread false information; look before you leap.

#Covid19 #CoronaVirus

An awareness by NETISM & New Ekiti Dream - Jawolusi Oluwaseun Solomon