Unending Poverty In Africa: The Facts & Fictions

I will never enroll in the school of thought that the global economic system is designed to keep Africa under unending poverty.

African Nations are the instrumentalizers of their recurring technological backwardness and mostly the originators of their socio-economic issues.

During the course of defending my #Green4Blue Initiative, I made a point, that African Nations are presently redundant in supporting the proliferation of global infrastructural shift; they currently do not have long long-term plans that supports the Green Revolution. However, the major implication is that in the next few decades, by the time Internal combustion engines (petrol/diesel-driven machines) are already phased-out across the developed regions, African Nations would still be at the mercies of these developed Nations and their automotive manufacturers through their massive importations of Green Machineries.

Proactive Countries across the globe are currently launching solar-powered windows for energy collection, solar park, faster EVs with long mileage, hybrid cars, and many other forms of renewable energies, whereas most African Universities are still having the technology of internal combustion engines in their syllabuses. Can you spot the difference.

The solution is for African Nations to catch-up with the rising waves of global civilization. The foundational step towards the realization of this goal is to develop an effective R& D system while also eliminating every form of myopic instincts that have been subjecting the African development in the dungeon of retardation.  

"People who cannot read or write are not the illiterates of this digital era, but those who cannot unlearn the old styles of doing things and relearn the global trends of civilization..."
~ Jawolusy ~

By Jawolusi Oluwaseun Solomon (The Trailblazer of #Green4Blue Initiative)
The Author of "NETISM: The Art of Digital Parenting"