The Throne-Game Chess of Solomon vs. Adonijah

Chess explains a lot about nature. By the matter of fact, humans' daily lifestyles are characterized by moves just like it is in most games. In summary, there are always pros and cons for all humans' actions and their relative inactions.

Have a look at this epic artwork, titled; "The Chess of Nature: Solomon vs. Adonijah Throne-Game." The pencil drawing reflects the power-tussle in the First Chapter of the First Book of Kings. The Biblical narratives was duly accorded with several moral lessons that humans could directly apply for different facets of life. Undoubtedly, God's word is full of endless discoveries, and its beauty is in its discovery…

The short clip accorded with this concept says a lot about the revelations. In short, Chess is more than a mere indoor game, it reflects a lot about humanity.

In sum, the tussle-line for the F7 square was drawn; he who controls the F7 and/or F2 square(s) would always win the game.


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By Jawolusi Oluwaseun S. ( @jawolusy )
The NETISM Author