The earth is craving for salvation: A Climate Action Poem by Jawolusy.

Planet-earth is craving for salvation from her all nations;
Man-made deeds led to her degradation,
The atmosphere is getting depleted in every city,
Rainfall is now getting acidic,
Nasal feeds ain't pure even across the Pacific,
The aquatics' domicile are now in the carbonized Atlantic,
Skyward carbons are causing global food crisis,
Spillages are impeding the agrarian success,
Like the lava river turning to a furnace;
Human deeds are fueling the wildfires' panics,
Human vices are changing the seasons;
To some; it's global warming,
To some; it's global freezing,
And to some; it's global heating,
If the first Worldies are battling with energy crisis;
What's the future stake of the thirds?
Same yearning for alternative energies,
Could the electrics power the heavy industries?
The flaws in laws led to more aggravations,
If proactive steps ain't taken NOW;
Climate crisis might be the wiwiii,
It's time to revive the mother-earth with eco-friendliness;
As recommended in Green4Blue;
Let's adopt the agro-approach and the techno-approach for proper climate action across the globe.

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Written by Jawolusi Oluwaseun Solomon - (The Author of #Green4Blue Initiative: Green Tourism for a Blue Econony).