The Chessy Outlook of the Yoruba Kingdom – By Jawolusy

In reaction to an earlier post on Nairaland, titled; Throwback Photo Of Alaafin Of Oyo, A Diviner And Legendary Capt. William A. Ross.

A picture on that thread inspired me to write this piece;

Have a look at the attached picture, that's a typical Chess formation at play here; On the 8th rank, the Kingdom was guarded by the Rooks (right and left), the King, the Queen, the Knight (Guards), & the visiting Missionaries (Bishops) would be on that same 8th rank.

And on the seventh rank, and on the E-file; that's the E7 Pawn well-positioned ahead of the Black King @E8. 🙂 And it's likely the E7 pawn have just moved to E5. 🙂

This is another confirmation that Chess explains many things about humanity just as earlier hypothesized by Jawolusy via his #ThroneGameChess & #ChessOfNature.

Lest I forget, the beauty of the Yoruba ethnicity is in its epic culture, moral ethics, and traditions.

Cheers 🙂

Written by Jawolusi Oluwaseun

(The NETISM Author)