Political Power Vs Economic Power: The Twitter-trump Scenario

Conventionally, every State is being ruled by two types of powers; the political power and the economic power.

Practically, the Government can decide to implement certain laws and policies that could affect the productivity and the sustainability of any business - either positively or negatively; that's within the jurisdiction of a political power. Border closure against the importation of some products, exclusive taxes, sanctions, regulations, and many others are viable tools at the disposal of every Government (at different levels) to exercise its power on any business establishment.

On the other hand, it goes without saying, that; "Government does not have business in business." Sequel to this fact, few capitalists and some business tycoons are always in control of the economic power of a State. These tycoons are in control of the media and journalism, manufacturing sectors, mass productions, banking and finance, entertainment, constructions, and many business sectors.

The current Twitter-Trump saga is a perfect example in this context, if such a digital media outlet could expressively incapacitate the most powerful president in the world. Here's another technical example, a man who owns the economic power can decide to lay-off thousands of his employees someday, thereby leading to different societal uprisings that were instigated by unemployment, at the end, the Government could feel the heat.

All these analogies clearly depict that both the economic power and the political power are very crucial in their respective ways. Hypothetically, it is always difficult to have both powers at once, although, there are exceptions.

Moral Lesson: In life, don't be on the fence, it's either you have the political power or the economic power, the journey of a thousand miles begin with a step, you can create your own relevance in business or in politics, make impacts and have a good record to read about in the coming years. Tomorrow is for those who prepare for it today.
For you to be relevant in the coming era, as from today, make sure you lay a solid foundation for a competitive platform, either in politics or in business.

Jawolusi Oluwaseun Solomon - @jawolusy