For my TGIF Mode: Going the Chess-way & the Pencil-way.

"In the previous era, books have always been written, and records have always been kept; even before the advent of printing technology, thus, this time around, let's go the pencil-way."

By the matter of fact, aside being a freelance writer, I've written a lot of books in the past. In 2021, it's all about 'The Chess of Nature'. Reason being that; Chess is more than a mere indoor game, it as well explains a lot about humanity.

Theoretically, an artwork could reflect some series of unspoken words, on the other hand, the context of my Chess pencil-drawing is a portrayal of thousands of written letters (that is, a summary of my 6th authored book).

Dear reader, against all odds, it's my utmost pleasure to officially unveil my latest literal work for 2021, titled; "The Chess of Nature". It is also subtitled as; "The Throne-Game Chess of Solomon vs. Adonijah" (with maximum respect to the scriptural accounts in the First Chapter of the First Book of Kings).

In sum, he who dominates the F7 and/or the F2 square(s) would always win the game. And for the final-winning move; "The White Knight @H8, the White Bishop @D5, and the White Queen @H5 all guarded the White pawn @F7 to secure a conquest @ the E8 square.

On a conclusive note, in case you can't deduce so much from this accorded pencil-drawing of mine, Deo-Volente, you might be able to read more expositions in the book of #ChessOfNature & #ThroneGameChess.


By Jawolusi Oluwaseun S. (@jawolusy)
(The NETISM Author)

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