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#Chess in Architecture & #Chess in Programming

We won't just tell you what we can do! We'll show you stuffs we've done!

We have just localized Chess education to the three major languages in Nigeria (Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba languages), afterwards, attempting to reach out to more target audience, fostering a chess-based edu-social inclusion in Africa, aiding edu-cultural exchange programs, maximizing a localized Chess Education for Language-Learning Technology to bridge the community-school knowledge-gap, facilitating knowledge-supplement for out-of-school kids in Nigeria, stimulating a modern model for urban/rural education, fostering technical communication via a localized Chess know-how, promoting the Nigerian Cultural values by showcasing the beauty of her diversified languages/linguistic contents, amongst other developmental values. For example, considering #ChessinArchitecture as a case study; the practical application of Chess Intelligence in the field of Architecture is well-treated in the 4th Chapter of the Nigerian Chess Book. Talking about Chess for Knowledge-Substitute: with respect to the invention of #ChessinArchitecture and #ChessinProgramming Initiatives by Jawolusy, kids can now be introduced to the field Architecture and Computer Programming Languages right form the primary and secondary phases of schooling, likewise other complex mathematical courses. That is the ethos of Applied Chess Science as postulated by Jawolusy. Applied Chess Science is the act of exploring and maximizing the social, developmental, educative, and the scientific potentials of the popular Chess game beyond its usual competitive facet. To be specific, in the past, Architecture and Computer Programming have always been termed the hardest professional fields of study, however, Chess has gap-bridged that barrier of knowledge-complexity. At this point, Chess should be seen beyond a mere sport, hence, Localized/Practical Chess Education should be included in various National curriculums of Education, even beyond the scope of the African continent. "If you ever find your way out of unawareness, you owe it to others to draw that map; at this point, we are drawing the map of Literacy with a localized Chess Education - all for the masses who are academically underserved..." This is for Nigeria, this is for Africa, and this is to shape the World a better living-place. This is a subsidiary of "NETISM: The Art of Digital Parenting" - a 2019 Tech-Social Development Program trailblazed by Jawolusy.

Have you ever heard about Chess Intelligence in Architecture?