COVID-19: After this is over (By Jawolusi Oluwaseun)

(A Narrative by Jawolusy)

After this pandemic is over;
We will definitely know the value of greeting our loved ones with hugs and what it means to exchange pleasantries with handshakes,

After this rough road gets smoother,
We will learn never to misuse our freedom for it not to be taken away from us, we now know how it feels to be caged,

After this scary time is over,
We will all realize that "air" is the most valuable asset for the rich indoor and the average man at the gate,

After this turbulent sea gets calmer,
We will all know the value of having fun at playgrounds, especially, hanging out with loved ones for a date,

After this tough time is over,
We will all respect the fact that all breathing things have feelings too, even the animal in a cage,

After this hard time is over,
We will learn to know that we can cut our daily costs, and live without some luxurious stakes,

After this is storm is over,
We will definitely learn how to take life easy, because tomorrow is like an unpredictable outcome of a game,

After this weird moment is over,
we will all realize that we can do without several addictive habits, the only discipline we need is a mere tame,

After this cloudy sky gets clearer,
We will all realize that breathing, sleeping and waking up are the most precious gifts of life, they should be much more desirable than our endless quest for wealth, power and fame,

After this dark cloud gets brighter,
We will definitely learn to pay more attention to scientific research and technological solutions, even beyond the academic frame,

And after this pandemic is over,
We will always remember that sons of men fought with two types of enemies; the poor were scared of hunger (an enemy within), so they trooped into the streets, while the rich were perplexed of a virus (an enemy outdoor), so they stayed indoor to evade the fierce flame.

By the NETISM Author (Jawolusi Oluwaseun)