EU on Climate Change: Leaders Agree on 2050 Neutrality Target

(Here’s my reaction to this Headline about Climate Action)

 Yesterday, I saw this headline on AIT, “EU on Climate Change: Leaders Agree on 2050
Neutrality Target.”  Today, I am
compelled to share my perspective about the story. 

In line with my Green4Blue theory, there are two distinct
approaches required to foster a proper Climate Action across the globe; the agro-approach and the techno-approach. Agro-approach is of the
school of thought that planting of more trees to supplement for deforestation and
other human activities could mitigate futuristic climate-related hazards. On
the other hand, techno-approach believes in the

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We are launching soon

The Tech-Social Development Literature, titled; “NETISM: The Art of Digital Parenting” – by Jawolusi Oluwaseun Solomon would be unveiled on 23rd November, 2019 at the Abuja Enterprise Agency, FCT, Abuja, Nigeria.

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