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Think Out Of The Box: Chess For Kids

  • Against all odds, every child deserves to be educated.
  • Education should be localized for more accessibility.
  • Education should be simplified for the effectiveness of purpose.

A story by the NETISM Author – @jawolusy

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The NETISM theory in-line with the Chinese Minors’ Video-Gaming Screen-Time Regulations.

As recently reported by the Reuters, the video game screen-time for underage video-gamers in China has been limited to 3 hours a-week.

Here’s my take with respect to this proactive move by the Chinese Government.

Today, the world is gradually waking up to see the realities of the objectives of the NETISM project as postulated many years ago. Launched in 2019, several chapters of the NETISM Book expressively analyzed the pros and cons of various digital influences on the resultant lifestyles of citizens at subsequent phases of growth. Reason being that, in

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Hausa Version of the NETISM Series (Week 1 – Sati Na Daya)

Asalamalekum(Hello everyone)

Barka ku d sake sadua’a chikin shirin mu na NETISM.(Welcome to this week’s edition of the NETISM Series.)

Wa to tsare tsaren tarbiyar da yara ta yanar Gizo.(Today, for a start, here’s a brief intro about the NETISM Project.)

Ku duba bayan takadan nan, Ga baba, Ga mama, da kuma yaro, an kokantar da su da sifan ROBOT. Abubuwar da yaran zamanin nan suna yi suna da ban mamaki.(Take a look at the cover of this book, the kids of the digital era are illustrated as robots in the reflection of

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After deploying this practical teaching method, those children were able to play the Chess game as opponents after 4 hours of intensive practical training…

Along the line, the “L” concept of the Knights’ moves often appeared to be the hardest to understand, however, they later got it right after several real-life practical instances were deployed as teaching methods…

The moral lessons;In the past, several research results have clearly shown that Chess is one of the most technical indoor games.

Hey! Kids learn Chess faster than adults, perhaps, because they have little or no

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The NETISM SERIES (Week 1) – French Version

Semaine 1 : La SÉRIE NÉTISME (Version française)Bonjour à tous,Bienvenue dans l’édition de cette semaine de la série NÉTISM.Aujourd’hui, pour commencer, voici une brève introduction sur le projet NETISM.Jetez un œil à la couverture de ce livre ; « les enfants de cette ère numérique sont illustrés comme des robots à l’image de l’humain : ils sont extraordinairement intelligents !Par conséquent, il faut un style parental averti pour les nourrir correctement et survivre dans un paysage numérique dynamique.En tant qu’éducatrice (c’est-à-dire en tant que parent ou tuteur), si à ce

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The NETISM SERIES (week 1) – By Jawolusy

Parents, Guardians, Youths & Kids; it is essential to keep yourself updated about the trends of this digital era.

For more editions of THE NETISM SERIES; kindly find & follow
@netismorg on social media platforms.

Be enlightened!
Don’t miss it!

By Jawolusi Oluwaseun Solomon

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Political Power Vs Economic Power: The Twitter-trump Scenario

Conventionally, every State is being ruled by two types of powers; the political power and the economic power.

Practically, the Government can decide to implement certain laws and policies that could affect the productivity and the sustainability of any business – either positively or negatively; that’s within the jurisdiction of a political power. Border closure against the importation of some products, exclusive taxes, sanctions, regulations, and many others are viable tools at the disposal of every Government (at different levels) to exercise its power on any business establishment.

On the other hand,

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Green4blue Initiative: Meet The Only African Representative At The ICSDE2020 – Jawolusi Oluwaseun

Meet the only African Representative at the International Conference on Sustainable Design & Environment 2020 (ICSDE2020) virtually held in Hong Kong on 6th August, 2020. ICSDE2020 was organized by the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi) in collaboration with the Centre for Sustainable Design and Environment (CSDE) Hong Kong, serving as a think-tank platform for environmentalists across the globe to contribute different ideas and initiatives on how to combat climate crisis and other environmental emergencies. Jawolusi Oluwaseun represented Africa at the conference with respect to his Green4Blue

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Affiliate Marketing – by Jawolusi Oluwaseun – NETISM LISA – Day 7 – Module 3

Table of contents:


Technical Scope,

Benefits and Economic


Business Considerations,

About the Author.


Affiliate Marketing is for an individual who does not
want to work for various firms but wish to earn income at home by simply
promoting their products and/or services.

This is a technique where other business owners,
websites, publishers, merchants will be responsible for advertisement and
promotion of other businesses. This marketing strategy is always automated,
where an advertising agent (mostly a website owner) or a merchant hires a
webmaster to place the referring banners or links or button on his/her own

There is always a referral

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