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Affiliate Marketing – by Jawolusi Oluwaseun – NETISM LISA – Day 7 – Module 3

Table of contents:


Technical Scope,

Benefits and Economic


Business Considerations,

About the Author.


Affiliate Marketing is for an individual who does not
want to work for various firms but wish to earn income at home by simply
promoting their products and/or services.

This is a technique where other business owners,
websites, publishers, merchants will be responsible for advertisement and
promotion of other businesses. This marketing strategy is always automated,
where an advertising agent (mostly a website owner) or a merchant hires a
webmaster to place the referring banners or links or button on his/her own

There is always a referral

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Day 5 of L.I.S.A by via Video Lecture & PDF Training Manual

More than 100 participants partook in the Lockdown ICT Skills Acquisition Training organized by via a WhatsApp chatroom.

The module 1 of the training ended on Friday, 1st May, 2020 after the lecture ran for 5 consecutive days.

The lecture was delivered in different styles; text chats, Free PDF manuals for all the participants on a daily basis and a video aid was also used in the process of lecture delivery.

After the 5-day training, tagged “Introduction to web design”, some participants were able to design a basic web page

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128 students participated in the Day 2 of L.I.S.A organized by

Yesterday, 77 students participated in the maiden edition of the Lockdown ICT Skills Acquisition (L.I.S.A) organized by Jawolusi Oluwaseun (The NETISM Author).

For the 2-day ICT training, the students were freely given tutorial manuals via the courtesy of

To access the training manual for today, kindly find the PDF version as attached.


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L.I.S.A. (Lockdown ICT Skills Acquisition) by kicked-off today with 76 participants

L.I.S.A. (Lockdown ICT Skills Acquisition) by kicked-off today with 76 participants.

Notably, the students were given free access to tutorial manuals for today and tomorrow, while alongside freely participating for two days.

This lockdown seems unending any time soon, hence, we need to maximize the precious moment for value-added purposes such as having more exposures to the viability of the Digital World.

As you have all seen, Digital economy is the new crude oil.


Here’s the text of the tutorial manual;

Training Manual Prepared by Jawolusi Oluwaseun Solomon (

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COVID-19: After this is over (By Jawolusi Oluwaseun)

(A Narrative by Jawolusy)

After this pandemic is over;
We will definitely know the value of greeting our loved ones with hugs and what it means to exchange pleasantries with handshakes,

After this rough road gets smoother,
We will learn never to misuse our freedom for it not to be taken away from us, we now know how it feels to be caged,

After this scary time is over, We will all realize that “air” is the most valuable asset for the rich indoor and the average man at the gate,

After this turbulent

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The sum of Geometric Series that shows how Virus spread: The Case Study of COVID-19

The first assumption is that 1 person has tested positive
for COVID-19 in a given country,

The second assumption is that at least 2 persons might
contact CoronaVirus through him that same day,

The third assumption is that the infected people will show
the symptoms of COVID-19 within 14 days,

Relatively, we can calculate the exponential progression of
the virus spread within 14 days (without lockdown),

Let a=1, r=3, n=14

Jawolusi Oluwaseun Solomon

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