Affiliate Marketing – by Jawolusi Oluwaseun – NETISM LISA – Day 7 – Module 3

Table of contents:


Technical Scope,

Benefits and Economic Importance,


Business Considerations,

About the Author.


Affiliate Marketing is for an individual who does not want to work for various firms but wish to earn income at home by simply promoting their products and/or services.

This is a technique where other business owners, websites, publishers, merchants will be responsible for advertisement and promotion of other businesses. This marketing strategy is always automated, where an advertising agent (mostly a website owner) or a merchant hires a webmaster to place the referring banners or links or button on his/her own website.

There is always a referral fee or commission from each sale when a customer has clicked the affiliated link which lands him or her on the target website owned by a merchant to perform the intended operation maybe to subscribe for a service, buy a product,  fill a form, register on a platform and so on.

The crucial requirement for success in affiliate marketing is to target the right audience and generate massive traffic to what you are marketing as an affiliate. All you need do is keep promoting your website till you get flooded with traffic.

Based on consumer research, always take note that only 2 out of 200 target audiences are likely to buy your products or subscribe to your services via the online advertisement. Invariably, if you have 2000 hit counts for your website daily, it means that you will end up making an average of 10 sales based on the result of the statistical research.

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