A New Song ~ By Jawolusy

Just yesterday, here's the latest song written by me ~ duly accorded with the necessary musical details needed for any singer to enter the studio-cubicle. 🙂

Notwithstanding, I've decided to make it a public content so early, reason being that; It's a gospel vibe that reminds people to always give thanks to God in EVERY situation, that is; Deo Gratias.

Most importantly, I would love to see music lovers develop/produce it with respect to the accorded musical details. Me self go find time vibe am someday soon... 🙂 Deo Volente…

Lest I forget; "There's always a song for every moment; even if there's a cover for each mile, the track won't be forever. When words fails, music speaks…"

~ A New Song By Jawolusy ~

Bless up!

Written by Jawolusi Oluwaseun Solomon

(The NETISM Author)