5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of 2020

(Being the texts of a presentation by the NETISM Author, @ "LET'S TALK ABOUT IT NOW" Group, on 30th December, 2019)

Within the next few hours, this year would be coming to an end, paving way for another chapter to be opened. During such a season, goals and targets have always been set by people, organizations and many nations across the globe. That's why you often hear or see Vision 2020, Vision 2050, Millennium Goals and so many others.

Alongside, over the years, many people have adopted the tradition of embarking on "NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS", whereas, those long lists tend to be forgotten after few days later.

To get the most out of this new decade, here are some tips for you:

  1. First thing First: there is a common say that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step! No! No!! No!!! That has been a wrong notion. In my own philosophical thought, the journey of a thousand miles begins with determination, planning, preparation and then with a step. In 2020, stop the attitude of putting the cart before the horse; before you embark on any journey, be it in businesses, relationships, affairs and others, always do the first thing first, that is, be determined.Secondly, write down your plans and frequently read through them, afterwards, prepare for the trip before taking a step. Preparation involves a lot of sacrifices, sometimes, you need to start saving earlier, depriving yourself of sleeps, comforts, and many others. All these ingredients are the fuel that could quicken your steps while opting and striving to attain your aspired destination.
  2. Become diversified: there is a common say that, diversity is the spice of life. There is also a popular Yoruba adage that says that: "ona kan o w'oja…", meaning, several roads lead to every market.
    Many people are financially unstable today because they only rely on their salaries or a single source of income. No! No!! No!!! In 2020, start learning new skills. In fact, 'double your hustle' is getting outdated, it is now turning to 'triple your hustle', (a legit one in view, so don't get it twisted). In fact, you could pick up a musical instrument, learn it for at least 6 months, start playing for events and shows during weekends/breaks/holidays and afterwards make some passive income. Learn graphics design, learn how to bake cakes, learn tailoring skills, learn public speaking and many others. Also, do not underrate the knowledgeable power of the internet, by the matter of fact, you could virtually learn anything on YouTube.
    Today, most people see me to be multi-talented, but believe me, all these acquired skills are products of sleepless nights and other sacrifices. Can you imagine that, years back, I once drove from Abuja to Ilorin just to learn a skill from my former schoolmate? That's what it takes to get the goals at all cost. By all means, become a goal-getter in 2020.
  3. The right time is now. If you have ever thought of doing something productive, the right time to take a step is Now! For instance, today, I have written 4 books within this 4 previous years; years back, I had a vision of writing 10 books within 10 years just to set a record in my community, it seems unfeasible when I started in 2016, today, the dream seems possible, and by the matter of fact, I am already writing my 5th book slated to be launched by 2020 (a massive project this time around).
    Relatively, Rome was not built in a day, no matter what you have envisioned, the right time to make a move is NOW.
  4. Make your dream a reality. In the course of doing different businesses, recently, I discovered that potential partners and prospects are not really interested in your business ideas until you have made some moves to convert the idea into something physical and feasible, while in some cases, something touchable. I also need to noticed that you do not need a huge amount of money to make certain moves when it comes to the realization of your dream, all you need is to start saving earlier by cutting your costs, depriving yourself of luxury lifestyles just to save for the raining day. (In summary, differentiate between necessity and luxury in 2020 by simply separating your needs from your wants).
    By the time you have a model or prototype of your imaginary ideas, people would want to associate with you, fund your projects, support you and also partner with you. I am a living witness in this regards. Just last month, precisely 23rd November, I launched my latest book, titled; 'NETISM: The Art of Digital Parenting", in Abuja. It was a self-funded project right from the inception up to the level of paying for the venue. To cut the long story short, I didn't receive any support from any individual or from any organization until few days before the D-day. Here's the little moral lesson, people would always be skeptically waiting and watching, asking questions such as, let's see if the event would be postponed? Let's see his personal capacity and serious efforts before we partner with him, let us see his crowds, and many others like that.
  5. What can you do?
    I have an oft-recited philosophy; "Do not tell me what you can do, rather, show me what you have done; I can easily infer your delivery capacities through your professional track records."

In 2020, do not make the mistake of being too theoretical, become a practical expert in anything you do. Don't just tell your business prospects and potential customers what you can do, rather, show them pictures, models and prototypes of what you have done in the past. By adopting this strategy, you can easily convince potential clients and business prospects to consider your proposals.
In short, in 2020, ensure that you capture every moment with a camera in order to have a reference point in the future.

Lastly, do not underrate the power of the internet. The Internet is the New University where you can learn everything and become anything in life.

Have a fruitful 2020.

Jawolusi Oluwaseun Solomon
(The NETISM.org Trailblazer & The Founder of #Green4Blue Initiative)